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MeiVac Vari-Q Throttle Valves

For many years, MeiVac’s patented VQ series Throttle Valves have offered a unique low profile design that delivers superb linear control and process repeatability. The valves use counter-rotating triangular (pie shaped) vanes that are interconnected by a low friction, highly reliable drive system.

Vari-Q Throttle Valve Benefits

Why Throttle With a Vari-Q?

High-vacuum pumps typically operate at pressures below those used for plasma processing. Throttling the gas in the process chamber creates a differential pressure across the valve, thereby allowing the pump to operate at high-vacuum levels while maintaining correct process pressures in the chamber. To provide linear control, the vanes on the Vari-Q valves are counter-rotated providing optimal pressure control over the full range of operation. In the open position, the Vari-Q vanes offer little restriction in the pumping path during critical pump down operations. The counter rotated vane designs allow Vari-Q flanges to be low profile, further minimizing conductance losses and pump stack heights.

System Compatibility is a prime goal that the Vari-Q easily meets. Flanges are available in aluminum or stainless steel in configurations that include ASA, JIS, ISO and ConFlat™. Sizes range from 100mm in diameter to 35 inches in diameter as shown at right.

List of MeiVac Throttle Valves

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