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Thin Film Component Products



Cryogenic Water Pump

Discerning customers demand better performance, using less resources for today’s product innovations. MeiVac introduces the AQUA-LOK Cryogenic Water Pump with exactly that thought in mind. Users can achieve up to 80% faster pump-down time using less energy and requiring a smaller cleanroom footprint than traditional compressor driven pumps.



Cryogenic Water Pump

Improve your process by reducing pumpdown time and lowering base level vacuum!

THIN FILM EVAPORATIONPoster-18x24-e-Vap_v2-229x300


Evaporation Sources & Accessories

MeiVac offers a complete line of evaporation products. From miniature research sources to 400cc industrial sources. We also have a complete line of power supplies, controls and accessories. Everything you need to set up your evaporation system from one source.

THIN FILM SPUTTERINGSputter-Cover-2_12_14_reduced-file-size-230x300


Sputter Sources & Accessories

MeiVac is a leading manufacturer of planar magnetron sputter sources, offering a wide range of standard and custom sources to meet many different application requirements. We are a one-stop shop for complete sputter deposition packages

PRESSURE CONTROLVQ-Cover-2_12_14._reduced-file-size-231x300


Throttle Valves & Accessories

The unique counter rotating vane design of the MeiVac Vari-Q throttle valve provides for superior linear control of your process pressure. These valves are highly repeatable and have proven to be a reliable component which often times will last longer than the systems where they are installed.

SUBSTRATE HEATING up to 950°CHigh-Temperature-Resistive-Substrate-Heaters-231x300


Substrate Heaters & Accessories

MeiVac manufactures high-temperature resistive substrate heaters for heating samples or wafers to 950C with superior uniformity. 2 & 3″ sample heaters and 2,4,& 6″ wafer specific heaters are used for many deposition techniques.

MeiVac is a leading manufacturer of vacuum process components, including evaporation sources, sputter sources, substrate heaters, and throttle valves. MeiVac thin film component products are the right choice for your process with a full range of standard and custom configurations.

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