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MAK Sputter Source – Benefits

Designed to present the smallest profile possible, with higher rates than any comparable sputter source available, unique planar magnetron MAK sputter sources have been used by MeiVac customers to deposit many of today’s most widely used thin film materials.

  • Cathode and magnets are ISOLATED FROM WATER
  • Design requires only ONE vacuum seal
  • Supplied as either HV or UHV
  • NO water to Vacuum seal
  • Target requires NO CLAMPING or BONDING to cathode
  • Operates in DC or RF power modes
  • Sputters from 0.5 – 600 mTorr Ar.
  • Adjustable anode, PREVENTS build up and shadowing

 MeiVac offers the following MAK sputter sources and mounting options:

Need Something Special?

In addition to standard products and accessories, MeiVac engineers can work with you to develop a custom assembly. Please contact us so we can schedule a discussion about your specific needs.

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