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Re-Vap™ Power Supplies & Controls

Re-Vap Power Supplies
P/N: 0413-2504-0  Resistive power supply 900 Watt
P/N: 7007-5004-0  Resistive power supply 6V 200A U.L. CE marked
P/N: 7007-8300-0  Resistive power supply 8V 300A U.L. CE marked

Re-Vap 900W power supply Re-Vap 900 power supply

                                                Re-Vap Power Supply 900W

Re-Vap Thin Film Controls and Monitors
P/N: 7020-0400-0  Thin film rate monitor P/N: 7020-0500-0  Thin film rate controller

MeiVac purchased the entire MDC e-Vap thin film product line in 2012.
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for parts and service on all MDC e-Vap legacy products.

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