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Re-Vap™ 900W Resistive Evaporation Source

Re-Vap resistive evaporation sources are the ideal platform for your thermal evaporation tool. Stable temperatures up to 1,800˚C can be routinely reached with our selection of matched elements. These complete source kits come with everything you need to install into your system. Add a MeiVac matched power supply to complete your coating process.

Re-Vap 900W Resistive Evaporation Source
Part Number Description

P/N: 0413-5004-1000

900 Watt resistive evaporation source. Assembly includes universal clamp holder that accepts filament, boat and basket elements. Mounted on a 2.75″ CF type flange with shielding. Includes one tungsten filament coil (installed).

ReVap Resistive  Evaporation Source cropped

Re-Vap 900 Specifications
Parameter Specification
              Flange type    Universal mount 2.75″ CF
              Safety cover    Acrylic with strain relief
              Conductor    150A Cu
              Element clamp    Universal clamp for filament, basket, and boat

Re-Vap 900 Optional Accessories
Part Number Description
P/N: 0413-2504-0         Re-Vap 900W Power Supply (Click for Datasheet)
P/N: 7007-5004-0         Re-Vap 1200 Digital Power Supply (Click for Datasheet)

MeiVac purchased the entire MDC e-Vap thin film product line in 2012.
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