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R601 – 13.56MHz – 600W RF Generator and Matching Network Package

The RX01 series RF power supply package is a complete 13.56MHz RF package, including generator, AT auto-matching network, MC-2 control panel along with all cables and interlock connectors. These packages are conservatively rated and are CE marked, making them suitable for global RF sputter deposition applications. All units have been tested with MAK sources and are tuned for plug and play operation.

R601 – 13.56MHz -600W RF Power Package
Part Number Description
P/N: SU-R601    600W RF Power Package, CE Marked

R601 RF Generator


AT Auto-Match Network and MC-2 Control Panel

R601 RF Generator Specifications
Parameter Specification
              Frequency    13.56 MHz
              Output Power    600 watts
              Forward Power Metering    + /-1% Full Scale, +/-1% Reading
              Output Power Stability    +/0.5% Long Term, +/-1%Watt
              Harmonics    -50 dBc
              Input Power    95 – 125 VAC or 190 – 264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
              Output Connector    Type “N” Female
              Interface Connectors    Serial: DB-9 Female; Analog: DB-25 Female
              Cooling    Forced Air, 110 CFM (52 L/Sec.)
              Dimensions    7 H x 9.5 W x 18.5 D (in.), 13.33 x 24.13 x 46.99 (cm)
              Weight    33 lbs

MC-2 Control Panel Specifications
Parameter Specification
              Input Power    98 – 125 / 196 -250 VAC Selectable, 47-63 Hz
              Dimensions    3.5″ H x 9.5″ W x 12.9″D
              I/O Connections    Match (DB15F), Analog (DB25F), RS232 (DB9F), Loop-Thru (DB25/M/F)

AT Match Network Specifications
Parameter Specification
              AT-3    300 Watts, 20 Amps @ 2.5KV pk
              Dimensions     5″ H x 9″ W x 15″ D
              Cooling    Air-Convection
              Tuning Range     1.5 to 35 Ohms – 100 to +75 Ohm
              RF Conn.    Input: Type “N” Female / Output: Type “HN” Female

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