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Components & OEM Assemblies

Throttle Valves

Since its founding in 1993, MeiVac has been a supplier of a variety of innovative vacuum components. One of its most recognizable is the variable vane pressure control throttle valve that was developed and patented in the 1980s by Comptech, with MeiVac acquiring the exclusive rights to the patent in 1993.

Sputter Sources, Substrate Heaters and Power Supplies

Starting in the 1980s, multiple exclusive licenses for patented planar magnetron sputter sources from prominent Silicon Valley laboratories were granted to US, Inc. MeiVac acquired the rights to those licenses in 2006 when it acquired US, Inc.

With over 6,000 sputter guns delivered worldwide, MeiVac has become a leading supplier of sputter sources, custom sputter gun assemblies, power supplies, substrate heaters and related accessories.

Were You Looking for US Guns?

Legacy US Gun sputter sources were discontinued in 1999 and replaced by the next-generation MAK source. Designed to present the smallest profile possible, with higher rates than any comparable sputter sources available, MAK sputter guns have been used by our customers to develop many of today’s production thin film processes.

Custom Sputter Gun Assemblies

Whether they be end-users or OEMs, often customers’ needs can’t be met with a single sputter source. Complex processing often requires multiple materials deposited sequentially without breaking vacuum, and/or the ability to change source to substrate distances as well as angle of deposition insitu. MeiVac specializes in understanding customers’ special needs and customizing single sputter source or multi-sputter source assemblies to accommodate the packaging requirements of a customer’s tool or mounting flange. Be sure to contact us if you have a unique need and are looking for an innovative, cost effective sputter gun solution.

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