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MAXIM 1500W DC Power Supply for Magnetron Sputtering

The MAXIM DC power supply for magnetron sputtering provides state of the art arc detection and suppression, giving MAK sputter source users superior technology for their sputtering applications. The MAXIM also provides current technology in its platform which is readily available and more economical than the dated technology currently available from competitive products on the market. This advantage allows MeiVac to offer the best DC power supply available at a lower cost and the shortest lead time. More notable features are a universal input voltage from 85-275 VAC and CE marking which makes the MAXIM unit well suited for the global marketplace.

MAXIM 1500W DC Power Supply
Part Number Description
P/N: 7004-1500-1     1500W DC Power Supply, CE Marked


MAXIM 1500W DC Power Supply

MAXIM 1500W Specifications
Parameter Specification
               Input     85-275 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
               Output @ 1000V     1500W
               Output @ 750V     1500W
               Output @ 500V     1500W
               Output @ 200V     800W
               Strike Voltage     1000V
               Output Current     4A
               Regulation Mode     Power, Current, or Voltage
               Arc Suppression     Yes
               Arc Energy     < 1mJ
               Remote Control     Analog & RS-232
               Height / Width / Depth     4.44cm x 48.3cm x 48.3cm; Full rack , 1U
               Weight     8.2kg (18 lbs)

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