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e-Vap® Large Fixed Pocket Evaporation Sources

e-Vap fixed pocket electron beam evaporation sources offer large material volume in a compact package. These sources are available in HV or UHV (VCR fitting) versions. These rugged high performance sources are perfect for a dedicated one material deposition process. These sources use the same advanced magnetic system utilized in our rotary source providing unmatched performance and reliability.

e-Vap® Large Fixed Frame
Part Number Description
P/N: 0402-0004-1007         Single fixed pocket 7cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0402-0004-1015         Single fixed pocket 15cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0402-0004-1025         Single fixed pocket 25cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0402-0004-1040         Single fixed pocket 40cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0402-0004-1075         Single fixed pocket 75cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0402-0004-1100         Single fixed pocket 100cc electron beam evaporation source

e-Vap Large Fixed Pocket Source

0402-0004-XXXX evap fixed pocket evaporation source

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e-Vap® Large Frame Specifications
Parameter Specification
                    Maximum Power 7cc to 15cc         6kW – Crucible and material dependent
                    Maximum Power 25cc to 100cc         12kW – Crucible and material dependent
                    Operating Voltage         -6kV to -10kV
                    Beam Current         Zero to 1A
                    Water Flow         3.0 gpm @ 65 psi
                    XY sweep         0-200 Hz
                    Size         3.20″L x 5.62″W x 3.25″H
                    Weight         10 lbs
                    Vacuum         to 2x10E-8 Torr (VCR version)

e-Vap® Large Fixed Optional Accessories
Part Number Description
P/N: 7007-9800-0         6kW CVS Power Supply and Controller (Click for Datasheet)
P/N: 7020-0200-1         XY Programmable Sweep Controller (Click for Datasheet)

MeiVac purchased the entire MDC e-Vap thin film product line in 2012.
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