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2.0″ MAK Planar Magnetron Sputter Source – L200A01

MeiVac is a leading manufacturer of planar magnetron sputter cathodes. Noted for its simplicity, ease of use, and resulting high reliability, the MAK sputter source has been designed to present the smallest profile possible and deliver higher deposition rates than any comparable sputter sources. MeiVac thin film sputter deposition products are the right choice for your process with a full range of standard and custom configurations.

2.0″ MAK Sputter Source – Circular Cathode
Part Number Description
                          P/N: L200A01         Vertical (axial) mount sputter source
                          P/N: L200A01H         Horizontal (rt. angle) mount sputter source
                          P/N: L200A01FM         Flexmount (+/- 45 degree angular adjustable) sputter source
                          P/N: L200A01CF         Flange mount sputter source

2.0 MAK Sputter Source - Vertical L200A01 400x300

2.0 MAK Sputter Source - L200A01 400x258_ext
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2.0″ MAK Operating & Dimensional Specifications
Target Diameter Magnets Max Dc Power Max RF Power Cathode Voltage (v) Max Discharge Current Pressure Range (mtorr) Water Flow Rate Min CF Flange Size
2.0″ (50.4mm) Nd/FeB 1000W 400W 200-1000 3.0 A 0.5 – 600 0.8 gpm 4.5″ CF
Dimension A B B’ C D D’ E F
      Inches         Ø 2.33         3.91         0.71         Ø 1.50         12.0         4.50         Ø 0.75         2.30

MAK Vertical Sputter Source_crop MAK Flexmount Sputter Source_crop
MAK Right Angle Sputter Source_crop MAK Sputter Source Flange Mount

2.0″ MAK Optional Accessories
Part Number Description
P/N: 7004-1000-2         MAXIM 1000W DC Power Supply, CE Marked
P/N: 7004-0500-3         12′ Output Cable from DC power supply to sputter source
                         P/N: SU-R301         300W – 13.56MHz Complete RF Power Package, CE Marked

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