Retrofits & Upgrades

602/2480 GMO (Gas Management Option)

  • O2 doping of Ar plasma improves Alumina stoichiometry
  • Equivalent film characteristics to the 2480
  • Improves sidewall wet etch resistance
  • Uniform Alkaline etch resistance of deposited Alumina
  • Specifically, improves Alkaline etch resistance on trench sidewalls
  • < 1.0% sigma/mean within wafer non-uniformity with optimized O2 process

602/2480 Auto Phase Shifter/Monitor

  • Active phase shifter
  • Match box probes enable metering (digital readout)
  • Fine resolution metering
  • Allows return to specific phase shift
  • Recipe driven
  • Excellent resolution and repeatability
  • Data logging capability

2480 Uniformity Enhancement Retrofit

  • A proprietary gas delivery system for improved wafer uniformity

602 Robot Upgrade (Brooks platform)

  • Allows you to move away from obsolete robot configuration/components

602 Wafer Temperature Sensor

  • Reduces wafer non-uniformity due to wafer over heating
  • Valuable metric for process drift notification
  • Reads temperature of each wafer upon exiting the process chamber
  • Mounted to transfer chamber
  • Data logging capability

602 RICOR MicroStarTM Cryo Pump

  • Replaces existing CTI water pump and/or Polycold with a Ricor Stirling cryo cooler
  • Substantially smaller in overall size than a CTI water pump
  • There is no compressor (saves footprint), and uses much less power compared to a cryo compressor (6% for one pump/one compressor; 13% for two pumps/one compressor)
  • Uses only 20% of the water used for the CTI compressor
  • Patented fast regeneration, no need for heaters
  • High reliability
  • MTBF > 30,000 hrs with 3rd year failures <2%

602/2480 Wafer Size Upgrade 5″ to 6″ to 8″

Contour Maps Illustrating Process Capabilities

Contour Map - GMO
Contour Map - Uniformity Improvements

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