Senior Management

MeiVac has a seasoned team of professionals with years of experience in the design, development and optimization of complex, high tech thin film processing equipment and technologies. Led by founder Richard Meidinger, the MeiVac team has developed multiple vacuum deposition systems and components that work with a wide assortment of materials and processes.

Richard Meidinger, CEO and Founder

Mr. Meidinger co-founded Comptech in 1974, serving as its VP, Operations until Comptech’s sale to Alcatel in 1986. He remained with Alcatel Comptech as VP, Operations until 1993 when he left to found MeiVac, acquiring Alcatel Comptech’s Components business as part of that transaction. In 2000, he acquired the Comptech Systems Line. Mr. Meidinger has been CEO of MeiVac since its founding.

David Meidinger, President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Meidinger held Finance and Administration management roles of increasing responsibility in Comptech and Alcatel Comptech, culminating with the position of Controller and Chief Financial Officer. In 1995, Mr. Meidinger left Alcatel Comptech to join MeiVac as VP, Finance. Today, he holds the dual roles of President and Chief Financial Officer of MeiVac.

Jim Ritter, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ritter has over 35 years of technical and business experience, holding various senior positions in engineering, manufacturing and operations. Jim holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and has been awarded 13 patents in ion source technology.

Alan Schauer, Vice President of Customer Support

Mr. Schauer held a variety of Engineering management positions of increasing responsibility at Comptech and Alcatel Comptech, culminating with the position of Director, Engineering. Mr. Schauer joined MeiVac in 2000 to manage Engineering, Applications and Customer Support for the Standard Systems Product Line that MeiVac acquired from Alcatel Comptech. Shortly after joining MeiVac, Mr. Schauer took on the added responsibility for Manufacturing. Currently, Mr. Schauer is the VP of Customer Support.

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