e-Vap® XY Programmable Sweep Controller

e-Vap® programmable sweep controllers make difficult coating materials seem simple. Patterns can be programmed from scratch or by modifying one of the preprogrammed expandable patterns already defined in the controller. Patterns include CIRCLE, SPIRAL, FIGURE 8 AND LINE. All patterns can me modified for position, amplitude, speed and phase. Phase allows the user to rotate the entire pattern at a variety of speeds. A non-linear function is built in to allow adjustment through the center zone of the melt preventing hot spots. This feature is ideal for depositing dielectric materials. You can store up to 99 sweep patterns.

e-Vap XY Programmable Sweep Controller
Part Number Description
P/N: TBD    Programmable sweep controller – New product  offering coming soon!

e-Vap XY Sweep Controller

e-Vap Sweep Specifications
Parameter Specification
              Input    115 VAC / 220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 3A
              Output     A, Hz
              Meter    ? Display
              Programming Interface    RS-232
              I/O    RS-232, Digital I/O
              Size    TBD
              Weight    TBD

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