e-Vap® XL Rotary Pocket Evaporation Sources

e-Vap XL rotary pocket electron beam evaporation sources are the perfect choice for production coating tools. The modular design makes service simple while maintaining perfect alignment every time. Advanced magnetics and high frequency sweep control provide the best material utilization in the industry. The proprietary magnetic system keeps the beam density constant throughout the evaporation process, producing extreme stability in both rate and uniformity.

e-Vap® XL Frame Rotary Pocket Evaporation Sources
Part Number Description
P/N: 0406-0004-4040         High Vacuum 4 pocket 40cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-4060         High Vacuum 4 pocket 60cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-4075         High Vacuum 4 pocket 75cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-6025         High Vacuum 6 pocket 25cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-6040         High Vacuum 6 pocket 40cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-3100         High Vacuum 3 pocket 100cc electron beam evaporation source
P/N: 0406-0004-1400         High Vacuum Carousel pocket 400cc electron beam evaporation source

e-Vap frame 6 024-cropped

0404-0004-XXXX e-vap rotary pocket evaporation source

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e-Vap® XL Frame Specifications
Parameter Specification
                         Maximum Power         12kW – Crucible and material dependent
                         Operating Voltage         -6kV to -10kV
                         Beam Current         Zero to 1.5A
                         Water Flow         3.0 gpm @ 65 psi
                         XY sweep         0-200 Hz
                         Size         8.50″L x 6.87″W x 3.50″H
                         Weight         40 lbs
                         Vacuum         High Vacuum version to: 2x10E-8 Torr UHV version: to 2x10E-11 Torr

e-Vap® XL Rotary Optional Accessories
Part Number Description
P/N: 7007-9700-0         12kW CVS Power Supply and Controller (Click for Datasheet)
P/N: 7020-0200-1         XY Programmable Sweep Controller (Click for Datasheet)
P/N: 7020-0300-0         Crucible Indexer (Click for Datasheet)

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