Company Overview

MeiVac brings more than 30 years of experience as an industry leader in providing high-quality thin film manufacturing systems, components and process solutions. It is a multi-faceted supplier of standard and specialty vacuum processing systems and components used in multiple high technology production and development applications. MeiVac’s served markets include data storage, photonics, solar, telecom and Government/R&D, among others.

Products Lines include:

MeiVac is headquartered in Northern California’s Silicon Valley where it works closely with industry leaders in many different high technology disciplines. It provides global distribution of its products and services through a network of worldwide representatives and distributors.

MeiVac takes special pride in its willingness and ability to work closely with its customers to develop the optimum thin film solutions for their applications. This may involve process optimization, specialized hardware design and fabrication, custom system development and manufacturing, standard system optimization or custom sputter gun assembly design and fabrication. MeiVac’s process and hardware engineers stand ready to help customers meet unique one-of-a-kind development/pilot line requirements or high-volume 24/7 manufacturing demands.

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